Technobit is a limited liability company operating in Egypt since 1997 specialized in manufacturing Bituminous products such as Waterproofing, Roofing, and Road paving repairs serving strongly the local Egyptian market and more than 30 countries worldwide and still growing in an aggressive approach.

Technobit will serve the building materials markets in the Mid-East, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America providing a full range of waterproofing & insulation solutions, as well as construction chemicals.

Technobit brings the most innovative up-to-date products to the market through manufacturing, trading, and joint venturing with great emphasis on manufacturing due to our great expertise in this field since 1934.

Technobit clients enjoy exclusive innovative and creative products & solutions as well as our reliable delivery system, quick response & client (Family Member) handling system.

Technobit will provide real estate firms with complementary products and services that will enhance and raise their competitiveness further will continuously work on educating all stakeholders about the different products and solutions, raising their awareness and decision making capability through comprehensive training and educational system provided onsite, offsite, and online.

Technobit focuses on marketing and R&D to create an ultimate experience through standardizing and systemizing these key activities.

Our Products :

1- Oxidized bitumen all grades (PE Bags and Cardboard boxes ) .

Oxidized bitumen is our main product for decades.

2- Bitumen paints :

– Oil/solvent-based:

PF4 / Aluminum Paint / primer

– Water-based :

Bitumen Primer / Polymer modified bitumen Primer / Fiber reinforced Bitumen paste (for built-up roofing systems )

3- Bitumen Membranes :

a- APP modified membranes (Reinforcement / Surface Finish/ Cold Flexibility (  [ according to customer request ].

b- SBS modified membranes (Reinforcement / Surface Finish/ Cold Flexibility (  [ according to customer request ].

c- Oxidized Bitumen felts (Reinforcement /Surface finish)                        [ according customer request ].

d- Self-Adhesive Membranes with reinforcement  ( Reinforcement / Surface Finish/ Cold flexibility starts from -15 ) [ according customer request ].

e- Self-Adhesive Membranes without Reinforcement with surface finish :

  • Aluminum (used for metal roofs )
  • Cross-laminated PE (Damp proofing application).

f- Flash tape: Aluminum finish from 15 up to 40 cm wide

G- Protection Board (Single/Dual Reinforcement).

H- traditional DPC

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